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DogWebs is an easy way to have your own web site, that can be easily updated and added too from within your browser, there is no need to learn how to build a web site, all the hard work is done for you.
You just need to add the text and images, using the edit pages. 
It is all done for you, all you need to do is add the information you would like displayed and it automatically makes a page for you.
Its as easy as filling out a form.

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DogWebs Premium - Website for your Kennel. - Website for your Club or Business. (Not just for dog related sites). - (Australian Site) sites for your Club or Business. (Not just for dog related sites). - Site for Horse Studs, Breeders, Dressage, Horse Clubs, all things Equine. - Website for your cats. - Website for your Farm. -  Art websites.

VetWebs.Biz - Websites for Veterinary Clinics.

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